These are Not Ordinary Times

These are the times that create great businesses and great leaders. Will you have one? Will you be one?

Are You and Your Business Stuck at Home in the Pandemic?     We Are Too!

Would you like to get online with us? We are making ourselves better business people during our enforced downtime. We are learning how to take advantage of the business opportunities in the developing new economy! 

(Sounds like a good idea already, doesn’t it?  If you agree, scroll to the bottom and click join us. Otherwise, read on!)

The past few weeks have been painfulfor many business owners.

Your business may have been forced to shut down, you may have had to layoff some or all of your team, and your bottom line has probably taken a hit. However, now is not the time to panic; it’s the time to invest.

Your business is going to look different after this crisis, and it should. For the business to change, YOU need to change. Now is the time, while you have the time, to LEARN all you can.


Learn How To Create A Robust Business

-In Just an Hour a Week

Our Weekly Business Education Series is based on ActionCOACH’s ActionCLUB program, offered for $1995 during “normal” times.

Times are not normal, so we are providing the content FREE to business owners with TIME on their HANDS and who need new TOOLS in their HANDS!

Build a strong foundation for your business.

During the program you’ll learn to: 

  1. Achieve more by improving your priority setting and time management skills. 
  2. Define your unique selling proposition and turn it into a powerful, competitive weapon. 
  3. Dramatically increase your lead generation and conversion skills. 
  4. Develop loyal, profitable customers who keep coming back. 
  5. Differentiate between cash flow and profit margin. 
  6. Hire, develop and train the best people. 
  7. Create systems that allow the business to run without you. 
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Human, what are you waiting for?

(This is kind of no-brainer – I can see that without my glasses…woof) 

Date: Tuesday Sessions beginning Tuesday, April 21st, 2020
Time: 4:00 – 5:00 PM
Price: Complimentary
Location: Virtual Zoom Meeting