The League of Extraordinary Thinkers

Thinking well is a learned skill unknownto most.

I found that very hard to hear.


I started off as a business coach who knew a great deal about business. 

I could and do give very good advice on what you should do in most business situations.

That turned out to be not as helpful as I thought.

There are times it is very helpful – it’s just not most of the time.

Most of the time people already have a good idea of what to do, for example,;

  • They know they should make a plan,
  • They know they should have a budget and, 
  • They know they should make their sales calls.

They just don’t do them. Often enough I’m one of them. I just don’t do them.  So let’s use “we”.

We often don’t do what we know we should do. 


And, we often do things we know we shouldn’t do!

  • We know we shouldn’t have said what we said.
  • We know we shouldn’t have ignored someone.
  • We know we shouldn’t have done that (whatever) without telling you.

Why do we behave in this confusing manner?

The simple, unobvious and direct answer is that our thinking is confused. Confused thinking produces confusing behavior.

You may have some feelings arising here.  You might be thinking “not me”. Yes, you and me too.


What is good thinking? What is great thinking?  I really, really want to know.  Once I listened to a coach explain how he was generating nearly $5,000 a month with a product that was sitting on my shelf producing exactly $0 per month.  His was good thinking.  Mine was not.  


A single thought worth $60,000 a year.  What if you have two like that? Three? Oh, my!



I can (and did) copy his good idea.  I don’t want to be hanging about just copying his good ideas (though I will and am!).  I want my own!  Lots of them!

I realized that what I really wanted was to copy his way of thinking! I wanted to learn to do the kind of thinking that produces great ideas – regularly!

I jumped into the mountain of books and research on thinking with gusto.  I became passionate about not remaining the same knucklehead I had been.


The result?  I went from being a floundering coach to being in the Top 100 globally. I raised my revenue by multiples and worked less.  This is the happiest I’ve ever been.

And my thinking can still get way better!  So I’m increasing my effort to learn to think better.  I’m reading and watching everything I can find and writing down what I’m learning.

I’m having a bunch of fun along the way because I have discovered there are many people on a similar journey.  You might be one of them.

We all have an extraordinary thinker in our heads. As far as I know, none of us received a user manual with it. Science is rapidly building one and we’re listening in. It’s a stunning 3 lbs of the most complex thing known to man. Now let’s see what it can do when operated well!


I’ve decided to start sharing the wisdom I find and what I’m trying to make of it in my own life and work.  I came up with a fun (at least for me) way to accomplish this that you might enjoy and appreciate. Several of my colleagues and clients, who are also on this journey, have joined me in this research, discussion, and sharing effort.

We liked the idea of being “in league” with each other on our parallel journeys so, of course,  we started a league. 

The only thing blocking us from the great life we desire is our thinking.  Learning to use your extraordinary thinker is the lifelong key to success.

Are you ready to improve every area of your life?

We are! Join a group of professionals focused on learning to think extraordinarily well.  Learn and engage with like-minded league members creating great lives and great results.

Does this sound like fun and profit for you? Yes?  You can enroll yourself as a player here. 

Ascend the Levels of Thinking!

You’ll receive a new match of The League at they are released.  You’ll have the chance to score points to “level-up” your thinking skills with fun learning opportunities and engaging interactions with other League members and coaches.

Enroll now to get the first shocking lesson (Everything you know about stress is wrong!)  in how your extraordinary thinker really works and how to start getting more out of it!



P.S. Your thinking muscle will thank you. 


Human, we’ ll have fun! I would tell you how that will benefit you if you could understand me.

You should bark: “This is a great idea.  I’m in!”


Enroll Now!


Inside everything you do is your thinking. 

Yet, it is invisible. How does the invisible you work? Of what is the invisible you made? 

My thinking can always be better. Can yours? Here’s to exploring how!

The only way to improve all aspects of your life is to improve your thinking.

“Remember, you live in the feeling of your thinking.” -Jamie Smart

Are you ready for The League?