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Extraordinary Thinkers!

The League of Extraordinary Thinkers

Thinking well is a learned skill  unknown to most.

I got angry and indignant when I was told on day 1 of coach training that first I would be taught to think well.  “I’ll teach you how to think!”, was my silent retort for my offended pride.  

I now admit I couldn’t have been more wrong.  I was a college educated successful business person, and a father, in my 40’s and I was about to learn that I didn’t know how to think.  

This league isn’t a recipe for extraordinary thinking.  It is a number of recipes for extraordinary thinking – all being tasted and tested.  This is cutting edge research that illuminates thinking.  This is great authors and speakers working on thinking.  This is community learning and leveraging extraordinary thinking to have extraordinary lives.


The Territory of Thought

From thinking models to actual neurons firing then back to thinking models then to stunning research videos then to books that turn your thinking on its head and then onto cutting edge research that extends the boundaries of thinking all leading to us arriving at a great life.  Ahhhhh.

We’ ll Have Fun!


This is a great deal.  I’m going to 

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