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Visit FocusCLUB to see how you will use these Top 3 Business Habits to power your success.

Visit FocusCLUB!  

Just being with a like-minded group of business people who are all working on their businesses will motivate you to work on yours.

FocusCLUB Ohio City

Wednesday, 12:00pm - 1pm

1985 W 28th Street 3rd Floor
Cleveland, Ohio 44113

Phone: (216) 336-6900


Note:  This club meets over Zoom web meeting. Please contact us to join!

FocusCLUB West Side

Monday, 11:30am - 1pm

5201 Waterford Drive
Sheffield, Ohio 44035

Phone: (216) 965-9129

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Note:  This club meets over lunch. Please bring your lunch.

We are a group of regular folks - all working on our business, non-profit organization or sales success.  Come as you are - expect to have fun.  If you enjoy yourself and see the benefit we'll be glad to answer all your questions and help you decide if you would like to "Get in the Game!"