Introducing FocusCLUB:

Collaborate with a Business Owner Peer Group to Develop the Skills, Knowledge and Confidence You Need to Move Your Business to the Next Level!

Join us at FocusCLUB on Mondays in Sheffield Village or Wednesdays in Ohio City (or join via Zoom webinar) and learn what you’ve been missing!

ActionCOACH FocusCLUB is an innovative business owner and sales & marketing professional development program combining the best of coaching, education and the advice of a “think tank” group of your peers.  FocusCLUB makes professional assistance, proven systems and an educational forum available to virtually any business owner who is committed to getting their business to excel.

ActionCOACH FocusCLUB provides a convenient and comfortable forum for business owners to learn how to manage their business and their future.

Essential concepts like taking control of your finances, growing your profits, delivering predictable service and making the best use of your time are just a few of the items that participants will learn to master. You’ll learn how to develop a unique selling proposition and market your business so that you can surpass your competition. Guidelines and practical advice for developing systems and a high performance team will ensure you poise your company for long term, sustainable success.

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Have you ever found it difficult to talk discretely, openly, and safely with others about the challenges of running your company?  FocusCLUB combines the theory of classroom learning and the advice and wisdom that come from a think tank environment.  FocusCLUBs foster an intimate team environment known for trust, collaboration and accountability. The leadership development you get at FocusCLUB helps your business improve the results it delivers.  Business owners who join a FocusCLUB quickly find themselves immersed in timely and strategic discussions of issues and information that are crucial for taking their business to the next level.

Each FocusCLUB is designed to help business owners maximize their potential.  Each meeting includes education and interactive discussions covering key subject matter selected to help build your knowledge, your profit and your business.

Each week you’ll be mentored by a Certified Business Coach who is prepared to help your club navigate the most common pitfalls in business ownership. Every 90-minute FocusCLUB session presents new and useful information like:

• Controlling your time and spending it “in the zone” – every day
• Knowing and managing “key performance indicators” so you can fine tune your performance
• Setting clear goals and direction for daily business activities
• Repositioning values and beliefs to dramatically improve results
• Implementing service routines to ensure satisfied customers who refer!
• Deploying marketing strategies that will increase your profits
• Leveraging systems and developing leaders who will make your business successful, even when you can’t be there.

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