Client Testimonials

What better way to see the benefits of our programs than to listen to and read what successful business owners who currently use our business coaching services have to say.

Jessica Wyatt

Wyatt-DeMarco Massage Therapy & Wellness Center


Andy Morris

Realty Trust Services

"GrowthCLUB - well worth many times the price if you are a Northeastern Ohio entrepreneur or solopreneur - looking to grow your business - promise you will leave with a solid plan and lots of great ideas for being a better business person and running a better business."


Bryan Zurawski


"I got through a ton of the barriers that were slowing my business from growing.  GrowthClub is the absolute best use of your time to grow your business.  You're crazy if you do not attend!"


Brian G. Fabo

Fabo Architecture

"GrowthClub is a great program to get you more focused on your business, particularly if you do not have a business background."


Stuart Wells

Parallax Lighting

"GrowthClub gave my business a BIG BOOST, you should try it."


Roger Waleri

Grounds Guys Landscape Mgt Inc.

"A great way to set and achieve goals for all businesses."

Stephanie Saunders & Kevin Saunders

Preferred Care At Home

"There is no way to fail or not increase sales if you follow this program."

"It's a cool and accountable group to help promote growth with 90 day periods in mind."

Rob Euerle

Green Scape USA LLC

"I would highly recommend the training. To be in a room of people who think along the same lines is huge help in understanding the business world."

"This experience was excellent, I have never done anything like it."

Alicia Hay-Nicely

Nicely Design & Company

"Don't just have your goals in your head... write them down - plan for 90 days."

Amber Albergottie

Freelance Graphic Design Artist

"It will help you focus in on struggling areas of your business."

Ali Mohammad

Nate’s Marathon

"It helps you focus your energy on growth."

Roger “Garden Guy” Waleri

Ultimate Landscape Management

"A must go to…"